Why is it important to keep your teeth brushing right?

Holes in the teeth are a common health problem. They are created when the bacteria residing in our mouths, and are usually quite friendly and even help us dismantle food, meet leftover food that is incurred on the teeth or between them. When this happens, the bacteria begin to digest the carbohydrates and sugar that are in the food residue and secrete acid that begins to digest the shell of the tooth. If you do not maintain the right to oral hygiene, when a major and essential part of it is brushing regular teeth at least twice a day, then these bacteria continue to secrete the acid that evaluates the hard part of the tooth until a hole is in depth in the tooth casing.

This situation is called caries, and he is very unhealthy for us: holes in the teeth are a great place for other food remains to be stuck in, so that more and more bacteria begin to act in these areas, and the holes expand and expand – until the teeth are sensitive to cold, then for sweet food, and when the hole is really deep, they are already They begin to ache and the tooth weakens, and from there the problem is known to anyone who has ever visited a dentist.

Brushing your teeth: a foot to life

The purpose of a leg brushing the teeth is not to get rid of the friendly bacteria that are in the mouth, but from the leftover food they are dismantling. The effective brushing of teeth is supposed to take out everything that hangs on the teeth, among them and even the guys who already exist (so that at least the pace of the hole and the rejected of the dentist) will be removed.

In fact, you should brush your teeth after each meal. However, while most of us eat at least three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and usually make snacks or fruits in between, then the person who is likely will not usually brush a two-digit number of times a day – and therefore the recommendation of dentists is to brush at least twice a day : Once in the morning, once in the evening, and every time at least two minutes of brushing. The more we get the teeth to shine, the more the combination of this action in our daily routine, the better.

It’s important to start from a young age.

Brushing teeth skill is a valuable thing and it is worthwhile to start it as soon as possible. When the first tooth of a baby is set, it is advisable to brush for it with this one tooth, and, of course, as extra teeth are inserted, the toddler must be in the action of brushing the teeth.

Of course, when young children are less interested in the health of the tooth, and if they do not feel like brushing then they simply do not shine (or do a favor and pass the brush once or twice to be made by a duty, much less than the two minutes recommended by the dentists).

The solution in that case is Electric toothbrushes – A product that is useful for any age but especially for young children who are not enthusiasts of teeth brushing. The children enjoy the use of zoom and vibration, just as if they were playing with a toy, while the brush head is doing the brushing best, and the children are getting used to the shoe operation and playing it during the day routine. When they grow, the action will be assimilated in them and they become big children and later adults who are accustomed to brushing their teeth twice a day, two minutes at a time, so that their dental health is better.

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