Unauthorized resellers

Unlicensed Reseller

The following list includes the list of resellers and Fogg systems that have chosen not to work with them.

Any advertising on behalf of the factors listed below on the services given by Yanir Systems/Pouniverse in general and for extended warranty granted by Yanir Systems/Poyakum in particular, a well-known, unaccountable and not agreed by Yanir systems and/or poeuniverse, and therefore will not receive you with the benefits mentioned above to customers who purchased Authorized resellers. This list is not exhaustive and yanir systems are keeping the right to update this list periodically.

This list will not be eligible for the following benefits:

  1. Marketing operations by Yanir Systems/Poyakum.
  2. An extended warranty that yanir systems gives to certain products except for 12-month warranty by law.
  3. For opening products such as a washing machine/dishwasher, the customer is charged a fee of 250 NIS.
  4. The responsibility for the TV screens is only 12 months.

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