Tips for renovation The house-so do it right

Are dying to renovate the house but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Renovating is a first-look task that can seem impossible. But when you take a deep breath and go to a project with a sound, planned head, there is no limit to what you can do.

Before starting to break walls, we will begin to destroy a myth: Not every project requires a qualified professional. Right, you’re not going to start dismantling floors and changing pipes yourself. But to paint a wall or change the faucets, you don’t have to call Henditman. Even if you’re afraid, the network is full of great guides that will help you perform easy-to-moderate tasks and leave you satisfied with good work. For projects that require the treatment of a professional, this is usually expensive. Don’t be tempted by good-sounding deals to be true — they’ll probably cost you a lot of headache and money. Select professionals according to recommendations, especially from people you know.

As with everything in life, so even before the renovation of the apartment: we planned in advance! There is no more bummer than finding out that the new niche you built in the fridge is half an inch short. Precise measurement will save you a lot of heartache. And don’t be too good to measure twice to make sure everything is true. Incidentally measurements – This is also true for the existing furniture in the house, which should still fit into the new space. The one who plant a new drywall in the room does not mean that the furniture shrunk accordingly…

Remodeling is also a budget function. Do you want to do a oberhall now for the whole house? Or do you just tickle to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom? It is always possible to renovate “in parts” and thus do not invest a large amount of money at once. When the budget is particularly tight, but the house is desperate for renewal, you can solve the problem with color, revitalization of furniture, and some meticulous accessories that can make a huge makeover in every room, with minimal effort and investment. The network, and mostly Finterst, are your best friends on the job, with an infinite inspiration that will tickle your creative glands.

A kitchen renovation is one of the most complex projects to perform, among other things because of the cost of materials and the complexity of planning. Just jump two paragraphs up, and read well, Re: measure, measure, Measure! There’s no room for mistakes here. Make sure that the new closets are compatible with the existing electrical appliances, otherwise you’ll find yourself on your feet in search of a new stove, without you even talking. Choose wisely as well: the work surface needs to fit your needs, and it is worth investing some time to test the existing options to select the right product. The same applies to the cabinets – to all its advantages and disadvantages.

It is also important to remember that renovation takes time. There’s nothing to do. Your new bathroom will not be ready in two hours, no matter how stressful you are to shower. Take care of an alternative solution for the renovation period, and maintain a good call — without working at the rest hours, ensuring the orderly evacuation of waste, and all the things you want to be spared when someone else is renovating.
In addition, at the end of the renovation it is advisable to hire a company that specializes in carrying out a home for renovation work, in order to ensure that the work was performed professionally and with no problems.

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