Tips for designing your living room

There is no doubt that the living room is the heart of the house. Whether it’s a small apartment or a large, wide-scale private house, it’s quite clear that the living room is the main space. The living room is where you spend most of the time, is where your family convenes every night to watch TV, this is where friends are hosting, this is where children play or watch TV when they come back from school in the afternoon or afternoon.

Therefore, there is great meaning to the way each of us chooses to design the living room. There is a great meaning to the furniture that you choose to place, to their location, and in general such characteristics and others that can affect both the visibility of the living room and the way we can use it. So we can say that this is the way we design the living room teaches something about us, teaches us something on our character.

Before We enter the question exactly what we’re placing in the living room, which furniture, where and how we do it, it is important to emphasize two points.

First, we can be sure and do it in such a way that it is mobile, that is, to place the furniture in such a way that you can, if we want to, change their location easily, thereby changing the design of the room. On the other hand, you can leave things statically, and if we want to change the location you have to make a significant change in the design of the living room.

Second Point, over time you can enter new elements, different into the living room. For example, we can find armchairsAnd to decide that we’re purchasing one, which of course will change the design and nature of the living room in different aspects.

What affects the way we design the living room?
Those who look at first glance at the living room can think that the seating system, the sofas or even the TV armchairs in the operation we purchase and put to the living room, are Those that affect its design.

Although they do having great meaning, but what’s affects the first and foremost, this is where we place the TV and the way to put it. It is true that seating systems are larger and more significant, but in each living room you will determine their location according to the location of the TV. We’ll choose a place where we want to put the TV so that it is convenient to watch it, whether it means that the light above it will not be too strong or if it means that it will stand as high as it is comfortable to watch , And accordingly we determine the location of the seating systems, The location of the TV armchairs, and the location of the table.

Furthermore, the location of the TV, the way we choose to place it, will affect the design of the living room in terms of character and type of furniture. If we choose to install the TV on top of the wall, that is to hang it, then it can free us from having to use a dresser or snack bar. If we don’t want to hang it, then we have to put it on a piece of furniture, and then you have to use a buffet, a bidet, or anything else. From here it will affect we use of the field, and what part of it will remain free.

How can we design our living room?
As noted tvs Are the main factor that affects the design of the living room. From here we can conclude that’s the size of the TV has great meaning. The bigger the TV, the more space we have to put it up or install it on the wall. We will also have to make the necessary adjustments that we can view in a convenient way.

That means, for instance, that we would has to place the seating system in such a way that it would be convenient to watch TV from as many angles as possible, it means that we have to choose where to place the lighting body and how powerful it will be so that we can see Good and without it disturb us, we’ll also have to take in account the size of the area and how it is Divisible by.

Furthermore, there are additional points related to the design and character of the living room, whether it’s the type of seating system, the type of TV armchair, the color of the walls, and other elements that we want to combine and create a pleasant atmosphere and also A suitable design for our living room.

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