That was the year of gadget for cellphones.

We’re on our way, 2018 is already packing up the objects and 2019 in a moment, but as far as the gadget and technological innovations seem to be changing significantly. While trends come and trends are going, the gadgets that have been the most popular among Israelis in recent months are still mobile: chargers, cables, magnetic stands, etc.

The truth is, perhaps we can understand the reasons why. Our mobile device is always in our pocket or in our hand, going with us everywhere and working very hard to make us happy. And the harder he works, the more his battery runs faster.

This is a long time ago not only a device that can be called home to inform you that you are late, or at best send a text message. Between Watsap, Facebook, boys and other popular apps that give us pleasure or give us a more comfortable life, and, of course, with all the loot of games that pass the time (and glue the children to the screen, whether we want to or not) – no wonder that the mobile has become a major part of our lives, and so the common theme for all the gadgets Leading of the year.
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Examples of hot gadgets

Chargers: The battery of mobile devices may be increasing as the devices themselves are getting stronger and improved, but the butcher is just not enough and it’s too early. We need to recharge our cell phone all the time, and the only cargo attached to it at the time of purchase is not enough: we like to have one cargo in the house, one cargo in the office, a car charger (standard, integrated split, which can be recharged with devices with an iphone, Type C or Micro USB) and one more charge in the bag. Just in case we get somewhere with an electrical outlet or a USB key.

The gadget that leads the list of hits of the year are chargers of all kinds: Car charger, double charger, wireless charger, and if his cable is already hanging out but the head is still intact, even the charging cable and data transfer is one of the most wanted products.

Cell Phone Status: it is supposedly not a special gadget or a new one, but also the device that keeps us mobile while driving manages to keep the latest and freshness thanks to far-reaching improvements made in various technological fields over the years. If in the past, it was only a well-armed mechanical arms that had been used by a vacuum to a windshield, today there are magnetic and elegant stands, and even there are car stands that support wireless charging, meaning that simply place the device on the device and enjoy charging without cables.

Car Safety Products: If God forbid we get caught in a car accident, we can certainly use the cellphone to call for help, but in addition we can use a mobile gadget: a charger or a cellular stand that also includes tools for extracting after an accident, such as a blade for cutting the belt, a hammer to break the windshield, etc.; The kind of products you should buy to increase your confidence during travel, and hope we don’t know from trouble.


Whether it is the demand that makes gadgets manufacturers look for ways to renew and surprise, and whether the progress of technology and innovations in the cellular field are those that leave these products at the top of the Israeli demand tables, one thing is certain: this was the year of gadgets for mobile devices.

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