Turbocharged Vacuum cleaner + Turbo Brush

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Model: FJ-SL404A

Advanced vacuum cleaner with engine protection mechanism against penetration of dust and special health filter

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מפרט מלא
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    12 months
  • Full specification

    Intensity: 2000w
    Special mechanisms: engine protection mechanism against dust penetration
    Special structure:

    • A health filter that emits clean air to the new space can be washed and durable.
    • Silicone wheels for the prevention of scratches on the surface of the Abbahaearth.
    • A stainless steel telescopic extension shaft and a flexible extension pipe for easy operation.
    • 5 built-in internal filters for high filtration level

    Related accessories:

    • Brush for the cleaning of curtains, upholstery and sofas.
    • Brush for the rising of carpets and floors.
    • Brush pumping into narrow places, corners and rails.
    • Turbo Brush

    Finish: Red

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