Built-in stainless steel oven


Model: FJ-BI80T

A built-in oven with non-scratched enamel coating, active turbo and a full glass internal door for easy cleaning.



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  • Full specification

    Baking cell Size: 65 liters
    Cooking and baking shows: 9 plans
    Energetic Rating:B

    Dimensions: height: 59.5 cm, width: 59.5 cm, depth: 57.5 cm

    Program types: lighting, compromise, turbo, top and bottom heating, top and bottom heating + turbo/pizza, grill, double grill, double grill with Turbo

    Special structure:

    • Ultra large-size stove with enamel coating
    • Full glass internal door for quick and easy cleaning.

    Special mechanisms:

    • Automatic Shutdown Timer
    • Front-end Cooling
    • Active Turbo: A baking plan in which the three heating and turbo bodies of
      The oven. This program enables equal and uneven baking of two or three trays

    Buttons and buttons:

    • Digital Monitor
    • Program Selector
    • Temperature Selector


    נפח כללי

    65 liters

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