BLIZZARD Haircut Machine

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A haircut machine with maximum charging docking station, a ceramic blade for the sharpness of the knife over time, and four combs at different altitudes.

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  • Full specification


    • Can be charging directly during work and through the claim house
    • Includes a docking station for user convenience
    • 7000 rounds per minute, fast and especially accurate work
    • Option for adjusting the knife between 0.8-2 mm
    • Use without connecting to a power cable
    • Full charge within 5 hours

    Monitor and buttons:

    • Playback Status Indicator Monitor
    • Power button and shutdown
    • Special structure: Ceramic blade for the sharpness of the knife over time
    • Ultra-wide knife for maximum utilization on cutting area (45 mm)
    • Elegant Ergonomic design
    • Lightweight and simple to clean and disinfect

    Related accessories:

    • Four combs at different altitudes
    • Cleansing Brush
    • Oil to maintain normal activity
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