Electric cookers with 4 heating centers


Model: FJ-BI64

The innovative induction system for utilizing 90 of the energy in cooking, for fast heating and for more economical use.

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  • Full specification

    Special structure: Touch Command Board to choose heat, shutdown, power and lock keys for maximum safety.

    Safety measures: Hot Zone indicator after shutdown, key locking.

    • Inspiring coils with high speed reaction and higher intensity plus Booster for dispersing and increasing heating intensity
      4 Inspiring attractions with different supplier with Booster state:
      Booster 1800W-1X140W
      Booster 1800W-1X1400W
      Booster 2500W-1X210W
      Booster 2500W-1X2100W
      Special Mechanisms: an induction system is an innovative technology that operates on (the heat) is provided directly to the cooking pot by a magnetic field, which means that the heat does not spread but is concentrated entirely on the cooking pot. Therefore, there is a survivor of about 90 the energy in the process, which allows for faster heating and more economical use.
      Dimensions: Marble Cutting Measurements: Width 56 cm, length 49 cm, Thickness: 6 cm
      Exterior Dimensions: Width 59 cm, length 52 cm
      Finish: Ceramic Glass

    * Installation of the stove for an additional fee in front of the service company

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