Gas cooker 60 cm black glass surface + Turbo burner


Model: FJ-GHG640BK

Gas cooker with turbo burner on glass surface. With safety sensors in all the burners for the prevention of gas leakage and maximum safety.

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  • Full specification

    Systems: 4 different burners from which one turbo burner, all the burners MADE IN sabaf Italy

    Special structure:

    • Heat-resistant glass surface for cleaning SCHOTT Germany
    • Covering the domes for the molding and removing iron pots
    • Sideturn buttons

    Features: transition providers: Turbo PASS: 3600kw
    Medium burners: 1700KW, small burner: 1000KW
    Electronic ignition-built with gas buttons
    Special mechanisms: safety sensors in all the burners that automatically seal the flow of gas with fire extinguishing to prevent gas leakage and maximum safety
    Dimensions: Marble Cutting Dimensions: Width 56 cm Length 49 cm
    Exterior Dimensions: width 58 cm length 52 cm
    Finish: black Glass

    * Installation of the stove for an additional fee in front of the service company

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