Power-saving Tips

It is not a secret that electrical appliances can “gobble” a lot of electricity, and increase the expenses of the House that ongoing significantly. So what do you do to conserve power consumption and reduce the electric bill? Get some tips to help reduce your monthly and annual power consumption.

Operations to reduce power at home:

  • If you are facing the purchase of household appliances, always preferred cost-effective electrical products, high energy Rating (A) and operating in units technology. Sometimes these products will be more expensive compared to others, but think of it as a one-time expense, which will save you a lot of money in the future. New appliances, manufactured according to stringent international standards, operate in an innovative technology that significantly saves a total of home power consumption, compared to appliances manufactured in the past and not adapted to new technologies.
  • In order to consume less energy, we should first reduce as much as possible in the activities of the electric appliances in the house such as the electric boiler, washing machine, and washing dryer, that their electricity consumption is significantly higher compared to electrical appliances like: dishwasher, Ceiling fan with remote control And even a fridge, even though it is active all day long.
    The total annual consumption of each of these devices is significant and is a considerable share of our total payment for the electricity company. Of course, we don’t expect you to shower in cold water or return to the days when they used to wash your clothes in the river, but with a few simple actions, you can significantly reduce the electricity consumption of these products:
  • Buy a timer for the electric boiler and set it up for a specific period of time during the day – try to define a time close to the time you shower so that the water stays warm. Alternatively, consider purchasing gas water heater, which is considered economical and cheaper in the long run.
  • Use a short, cost-effective program in the washing machine, make sure to operate the washing machine only when it is full and avoid automated programs with high power consumption.
  • Clothing to dry the open air, on ropes in the laundry room, or even a laundry rack on the terrace and at home. Even if you are interested in using the dryer, first wear the clothes on the ropes, and then put it in the dryer – it will significantly shorten the length of the dryer’s work and save you a lot of electricity.
  • Dishwasher It is not among the electricity-eaters but yet if its plan is shortened, it will consume less electricity. It is possible to give up the automatic drying operation at the end of the program and allow the tools to dry alone in the air. If it’s individual tools, you can wash them manually without starting the dishwasher at all, only when you accumulate many tools when cooking or entertaining.
  • Save the lighting at home – Purchase LED light bulbs, cost-effective and durability for long periods of time in the lighting fixtures. Despite the high cost of the initial purchase, in comparison to regular light bulbs, the long-term is a welcome step that will save you a lot of money in the home maintenance. Also, be sure to close light switches around the house in rooms where there is no activity, and dim some of the lights.
  • In a warm land like Israel, almost every house has air-con, which operate many hours during the maximum summer days. This is the need for a bit of electricity (unless the air conditioner in your apartment works in units technology which is particularly economical), so it is advisable to use it wisely.
  • Purchase an air conditioner that matches the room or space to which it is intended – it is not necessary to purchase a powerful and particularly large air conditioner for the bedroom.
    Direct the AC to 24-25 degrees – this is an ideal temperature that is energy-efficient. As you set the air conditioner on lower degrees and set the air-throwing power on the strongest option, the electricity consumption will increase significantly.
  • Be sure to do a quarterly treatment with air conditioner and the filter cleaning, which will facilitate the work of the air conditioner – is less strenuous and will consume less energy.
    Installed ceiling fans around the house – this is an ultimate solution that also saves both electricity and healthier. In non-hot days, you can enjoy the airflow using the fan without having to operate the air conditioner. Running a ceiling fan produces a steady breeze that spread in the room space, reducing the need to operate wall fans or air conditioners, and saves you a lot of money in the electricity bill.
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