Outlet store for electrical products-is it really worthwhile to pay you?

Poonyakum’s showroom and outlet store
Are you also looking for significant assumptions or “reality”? You may want to visit the Fujicom Company’s showroom and outlet store, which offers up to 40 discount and full responsibility for the highest quality products.
We were all in this situation – we saw the product we wanted so much but the price was a little more expensive than we could or we wanted to spend. In order to achieve a discount on the purchase of the product, we went on a web search on various sites or we waited for periods of discounts
We have a line for you-there are places where the discount is available all year round, and the products come not only in the highest quality, but also with “Mom and mother” and full responsibility.
The best example of a safe purchase is Poonyakum’s display and surplus store. In the store, hundreds of products of the company can be found in significant discounts – in ranges of 15 to 40 percent less than their price in the store, all with the company’s full warranty for a whole year.
To get answers to the most important questions about purchasing products that originate from a view or surplus, we chose to ask Hanan Kimche – the manager of Pouniverse’s surplus store, a few challenging questions to understand whether buying really pays. Here’s what he had to say.

What is the status of the products in the store? Don’t they have a high island?
“The products in the store range from a completely new state with products with slight defects such as scratches or the use of stores that display the company’s products. When a brand new product like a refrigerator is driven and gets a small blow, we as an uncompromising company will not provide the product as a new, but we will move it to the display store and be absorbed by a substantial consumer discount. Those who benefit here is the consumer who will sometimes buy a new product from the manufacturer with a small scratch and a significant discount.

Is the warranty full?
“Absolutely yes.” Clal products come with a full importer warranty for a year – just like a new product in the packaging. The warranty will give the peace of mind that the seeker is seeking and of course a full response if there is any problem with the product. The only difference can be an extended warranty that is sometimes given in other company products, but the tremendous savings in ownership is definitely worth the little gap.

Does a view shorten the life of the products, for example, their lifetime of televisions?
“Many consumers ask about the lifetime of products that were on display, especially TV screens. Unlike the old televisions, the new screens such as the LED screens have a very long life span of 40-60 thousand hours – almost 7 years of continuous use – 24 hours a day. This statistic is especially important because even if the screen has been on display for several months, the customer is expected to be used for many years even if it uses the 12-day screen. Most users often watch TV for a short time, so there is no doubt that this concern is no longer relevant.

What is the range of discount? Does it really pay to buy at the outlet store?
“Those who understand the tremendous advantages of buying from our outlet store are going to enjoy high discounts of up to 40 percent of the price of the same product in the shop.” The range of discounts in our store starts at approximately 15 percent to 40 percent – a savings that may be expressed in thousands of shekels for the consumer. The wide range of products in the store may also save tens of thousands of shekels to families who want to regenerate in the wide range of products imported by Pouniverse.
So how is the purchase done – online or should I get physical to the store?
“One of the advantages of the outlet store is that you can come, see exactly the product and why it is in our outlet store and our view – and enjoy it shortly thereafter.” For example, if there is a small scratch on a refrigerator that is wrong and the customer will come and see that a magnet from the last wedding will cover it and save it hundreds or thousands of shekels – it is a great advantage in purchasing. In the age of purchases the interinclinations are fun for our customers to arrive and see the product they want-before the acquisition.

So how do we get here? Where is the store located?
Our outlet store address – David Navon 39, Moshav Magshimim. You can call for more details to number 054-3308864 or 03-9078888 ext 334. Open Sundays to Thursdays at 9:00-18:00 and Friday between the hours: 9:00-14:00.

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