How to preserve the electrical appliances over time?

The age of the 21st century has brought most of us to prefer to buy something new instead of fixing it. Whether it’s the fact that many electrical appliances are rising today less than once, strengthening the advertising market that’s transmitting messages as if we must have at home the latest models or simply a fierce desire to regenerate as much as possible – if the choice is between throwing or correcting, usually prefer throw and buy new ones.

It’s true of clothes, Electrical AppliancesSmartphones and whatnot, but sometimes there’s a third option: just avoid the dilemma. In particular, when it comes to electrical appliances, maintaining them in good condition for a long time will prevent their problems and save the need for making the decision to buy new or not.

The secret to maintaining an electrical device over time

The best thing you can do for your electrical appliances, which will prevent you from being deleted and keep the day you’re going to become smaller, is simply to use them as you should use them.

Every time you buy an electric device, you have an instruction booklet attached to it. Most of us do not read it, because “what is the problem, we know how to turn it on”, but it is important to read this brochure at least once before starting to use the product. Even if it’s the same TV that your friends have, even if it’s a more advanced model of washing machine you’ve already had and so on.

The reason is that in this booklet there are instructions for proper operation of the electrical appliance according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and the more you use it in accordance with these instructions, the more his life will be. The intention is not for things that are obvious, such as that it is forbidden to put metal into the microwave or to bring the toaster into water, but also for routine maintenance issues: how to clean up the device, what you can do with it, what it is recommended not to do and what is strictly forbidden to do.

More emphasis on common electrical appliances

Air conditioner: Once a month it is recommended to open the air conditioner, carefully pull the filter and rinse it in tap water. Then it must be waited until it is completely dry and returned to its place. Once a month, you should also clean the air conditioner itself with a damp cloth. It is also advisable to check if the air conditioner’s external unit is in a vegetation environment that can block the air port and make it difficult to prevent the engine, and if it is necessary to trim it.

Refrigerator: It is recommended to apply a bit of Vaseline to the sealing bands that are in the door once a month, which will extend their lives and facilitate the operation of the compressor. In addition, you should avoid multiple openness to the refrigerator door, and if you want to enter a pot, try to cool it as much as possible before entering the refrigerator – for example through its position on the counter until it reaches room temperature.

Washing machine: Before you put pants on the washing machine, make sure the your pockets are completely empty. Coins or papers may damage the drum operation. In addition, it is a good idea to concentrate on wearing socks and other small fabrics in a bag for washing, even in order not to lose socks, nor to be stuck between the machine and the drum, and ask for its operation. Once a few months, it is also advisable to clean the machine’s filter, and from time to time it is recommended to operate the machine when it is empty (a short plan, about 70 degrees) and with a little lemon salt to cleanse the tartar from the parts and prevent fillings.

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