How do I select a TV?

Nowadays there are at least one TV in the house and in most cases even more. With the development of the viewing screens, the variety of screens in the market has also increased. Now every TV screen has a lot of features that in the past did not unfulfilled them very meaningful, from the screen size, through the resolution, technology and the viewing angle. In this article you can understand how to choose the most appropriate TV screen for you.

The screen size of the screen is the main factor that affects the screen adjustment to the viewing space we want to place it in.

The formula that is familiar to calculate the size of the screen relative to the viewing distance is: The distance of viewing (in meters) 15 times. For example, when viewing distance is about 4 meters, a 65-inch screen will fit.
In recent years with improved image quality and resolution of viewing screens, this formula is not committed in reality, and in practice you can enjoy a sharp and clear picture even when viewing from a closer range.
The best way to determine the optimal screen size for your space is to check the view hall for the quality of viewing the desired screen, from a distance similar to the one in your living room or in your private bedroom.

what affects the image quality is the resolution — the higher the resolutions, the greater the amount of pixels on the screen, the sharper and clearer the picture.
The lowest resolution that still allows good-quality viewing is HD ( 1080pixel resolution X720). It usually comes in inexpensive or small screens (32 inches).
Then there is the FULL HD resolution, the quality that most broadcasts use in Israel. FULL HD resolution TV screens are pretty cheap and recommended especially for people who don’t want to spend much money buying a TV screen, but still want to enjoy a quality and sharp image.
The best resolution is 4K resolution – it’s actually more expensive TV screens, but it’s a long-term investment because soon, the content transmitted in the commercial channels will be produced at this resolution, similar to the Netflix, which has already begun to generate content in 4K resolution.

A viewing
is important to refer to the size of the viewing corner and how to arrange it, in order to accommodate a good viewing screen that will fit all viewers, and will produce a fun viewing experience.
For example, most viewing screens have a good viewing angle of at least 170 degrees on each side, which should be enough for those who purchase the screen for private and home use. There are screens that have a wider angle, but take into account that the more the viewing angle is less limited and wider, the higher the screen cost.

Smart TV
is a pretty new technology that came to us is theSmart TV -It is a technology that allows in addition to regular viewing, surfing and viewing content from the Internet, using applications and file sharing. Kind of a big “unlocked”. TVs that support this technology are more expensive, but it is certainly worth the price for innovation lovers and people who frequently view content on the Internet. When you select a TV screen that supports this technology, check whether it supports all types of files, whether it has a built-in wireless network connection, whether the main screen is convenient and easy to operate and whether the remote control is working properly and not stalled and slow.

To summarize
as we have seen, there is a wide range of TV screens today that can match almost any need and budget.
There are many important variables to pay attention to and check before deciding which TV screen to buy.
The different sizes, the quality of the image changing from screen to screen, the price and the other technologies, are the ones that will eventually be the same as you choose.
Think with yourself what features you need on your TV screen, and you can choose between the different models. Good luck!

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