Questions and Answers

    • Where is the repair lab?

      Address: Building complex, Be'erot Yitzhak. Operating Hours: Sundays to Wednesdays between 9:00-17:00 and Thursdays between the hours 9:00-16:00

    • Do you have an outlet store?

      Certainly. The following is the address: building complex, Be'erot Yitzhak. Hours of activity: Sundays to Thursdays between 10:00 and 20:00 and Fridays between 9:00 and 13:00.

    • What are the ways to connect us?

      Contact us with our customer service in three ways: you can send a message in WhatsApp to number 054-3300999. Open a service call through the website or call our customer service on the phone: 077-6021181.

    • How long does a shipment come in?

      Up to 10 business days.

    • If I'm not satisfied with the order, what should I do?

      Customer service must be contacted in one of the following ways: Contact us with our customer service in three ways: you can send a message in WhatsApp to number 054-3300999. Open a service call through the website or call our customer service on the phone: 03-9078899.

    • What are the prices for shipping to the various products?

      The freight prices for each product are listed under the product page.

    • What is the shipping policy?

      -Self-collecting from the company's warehouses free of charge. -A courier to the door – within 3 days of ownership from 19 NIS by a cheetah messenger to the house (all the small products in the store up to 2 kg) and all parts of the country. -Shipments to high-weight products by courier and installer.

    • What is the shipments policy regarding TV monitors?

      Board cost of single screen (up to 55 ") – 149 NIS per part of the country Board cost of single screen (above 55 ") – 250 NIS for all parts of the country Shipment cost of refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, oven, dishwasher – 279 NIS for all parts of the country The rest of the store's products ranging from 19 NIS with a cheetah Messenger ship to the home for all parts of the country A shipment was commissioned by a customer and sent by us, came back to our address. We, are not responsible and are not obligated to send the product back to the customer. Whether the product is not collected by the customer, whether he has forgotten to access the Post Office and withdraw the package, whether or not the shipping details that have left are incorrect or insufficient, or for any other reason. We at FUJICOM will not be responsible for any additional shipment on our account. For remote settlements and/or settlements beyond the Green Line, an additional fee of NIS 100-250 will apply in accordance with the product type and the freight company. The following settlements will apply for an additional fee: Talmon, Tana, Yahait, Yafit, Yizhar, Yakir, Kochav Hashahar, Kokhav Ya'akov, Kfar Adumim, Kfar Haoranim, Kfar Etzion, Kfar Tapuah, Karmei Tzur, Carmel, Mevo Dotan, Mevo horon, Migdal oz, Towers, Modi'in Illit, Mehola, addict, residence, Ma'ale Adumim, Ma'ale Efraim, Ma'ale Levona, Ma'ale Mekarel, Ma'ale Amos, Ma'ale Shomron , Barkan Enterprises, Mamatot Yehuda, Mitzpe Yeriho, Mitzpe Shalem, Massuah, Maskiot, Matityahu, Negohot, Neve Daniel, landscapes, Nokdim, Nahliel, Nimi, Niran, Nehasim, the 76 Bethlehem district, the Jenin district of Bethlehem, from Jenin District 72, Hebron district. 78 , Tulkarm District, the Tulkarm district, from a. 72, the Jordan District, the Jordan district of ' A. 74, the Jordan district from a-75, Ramallah district, Ramallah district from a-73, Nablus district, the Nablus district, ' 72 A. ', ' the battalion's Path ', Sosia, Rocky, Sansana, Ateret, Ali , Grape, Ofra, tree of Ephraim, Otni'el, Peal, a member, Psagot, Gagael, Tzofim, Tsur Hadassa, Kedumim, Kedar, Kalia, Kiryat Arba, Kiryat Netafim, Karnei Shomron, Rosh Tzurim, Rabba, ROI, Rotem, Raalim, Basil, Rimonim, Shavei Shomron, who was a patient, Sheila, Shlomzion, Sheheard, Shaarei Tikva, Shaked, Tomer, Telem String, a report, stuck. A. Sayyid, industrial rope informant, Abu-Jarad, Abu Kby um Batyn, Abu Sarihan, Abu ' Obein, Abu Amar, Abu ' Amra, Abu Qrenat, Abu Krinath, Abu Rab'a, Abu Rocake, Abtin, Avnei Hefetz, Avnat, Avshalom, Adora, um al-Qutoff, Atrash, Itamar, al-Assad, Al khawaled West, El Sayyid , Al-Atuna, al-Mashan, Sheaf, Elon Moreh, Coral, I will tell, Epica, Argaman, Eshkolot, Ashalim, Etgar, Be'er Milcha, Bir Dag, Beit Aryeh, Beit Jala, Beit-HaArava, Beit Yerah, Bethlehem, Beit Nir, Beqa'ot, Bracha, Bat-ayin, bat ein, Janin, Jenin, Jansar A-Zarka, Jafa a Zarka, Jafa, Gittit , Didiel, Dyer Ra'fat, Deir al-Assad, Debaidah, Drijat, Scythe, Tabgha, Tulkarm, Tal Menashe, Talalim, Talmon, Teneh Omarim, Yabla, friend, White, Yafit, Yizhar, Jericho, Kundera, Kissufim, Klil, East, Kamar, Kfar Eliyahu, Kfar-Shemen, Kfar-Yerian, Kafr ' Arad , Carmel, Yatir Lev, Luzit, Lapidot, Mevo Dotan, Mount Hermon, man, Towers, Mumoli, from a patient, a Jewish camp, a Machram, an addict, a paintbrush, a Malkishua, an al-'azhouh, a residence, a Amos, a Abu Hamed Pauper, Ma'adot Yehuda, a citadel, Mitzpe Ramon (base), space with, Marosis, Massuah, Matgur, Neot Smadar, Negohot, Neve Efal, Neve Ephraim, Neve Hadassa, Neve Herzog, Neve Pungent, Nokdim, Nurit, Noah Elisha, Noah ' Rotem, Nahliel, Nataf, Nitzan B, Nitzana Youth Village, Nitzanei Sinai, Nimrod, No'achara, Neria, Sodom, Suakad, Susia, the central Sloane, Sansana, Gger, Crane, Ofarim, El Okbi, Gaza, Ateret, ein Ibrahim, Ein-Hod, the city of Oves, Ali Gold, Almon, Amur, Beit Shean Valley, Grape, ' Aramasha, Erev Azvener, Erev al-Gennady, Arab al-Glittering, Arab al-Herzaba, Erev al-'aqiya, Erev al-Mukhsat, Erev al-Muhya, Erev al-Naim, Erev al-Maher, Erev Evening, don't be so out, Arab al-Faquen, Erev al-Shabaab, Erev Gazzelin, Erev Tafra, Saadia's Eve, Otni'el, Polo, a friend, fruit garden, tziqat, Cyclone, constant, kudesight a tzana, Kwaya, Kalia, Qalqiliya, Qasr a pot, Kiryat Shmuel, Karam Tzur, Ras al-Ein, Ras Ali, Roee, basil , Ramallah, Radeim, Sha-Nur, Shevut Rachel, Shivta, Shabi Shomron, Segev, who is a patient, a person who is a figure of a person, a person who has heard, two birch, lessons, Telem, Tekoa, Thrin A-Sanam, Tarvin a Tzena.

    • What is the policy on disabling and restoring products?

      Each purchaser of a product on this website may cancel the transaction according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: "The Law"). The purchaser is obliged to check the product as soon as it is received. A product that is purchased on the website can be canceled by a written message to the company, that will be listed in its full name and ID number (hereinafter: "The cancellation notice"), including via fax and email, from the day of making the transaction to 14 days from the date of receipt of the product or from the day of receipt of the registration of the transaction in writing that contains the terms of the transaction , Including the description and price of the product, liability, policy of cancellations, etc., as follows, and all in accordance with the provisions of the law: by canceling a transaction due to a defect or mismatch in the product, the company will return within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice, the same part of the transaction paid by the transaction, to cancel the charge due to the deal, give a copy From the billing message and do not back up any amount. The return of the product to the company will be done by the company according to the provisions of the law. When canceling a transaction that is not due to a defect or mismatch in the product, the company returns within 14 days from the date of receipt of the cancellation notice, the same part of the transaction price paid, as paid, to cancel the charge due to the transaction, give a copy from the cancellation notice and not charge the customer any amount, except for a 5% Transaction or 100 NIS. According to the lowest of these, without derogating from the other rights of the Company in accordance with the provisions of the law. The user must return the product within 14 days from the date of cancellation of the transaction in conjunction with a source invoice.

    • What is a policy regarding cancellation of transactions performed on the site?

      Before shipping Port- You can cancel an online booking on the site without any cost of cancellation as long as the reservation is not available to the customer. After the shipment from the storeroom, Cancellation after the shipment port to the customer's destination and/or receipt of the product, the customer will be charged in the 5 purchase value + Additional shipping cost to collect the product from the customer home to the company's warehouses.

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