Emphasis on lighting for home and garden

Lighting is a long time ago not a functional subject only. If the only role of a lamp had ever been to light a void, we already know how to use the correct lighting in order to create an atmosphere, to feel, surprise, to emphasize certain elements and to blur other elements. Lighting can be an integral part of the overall design, when the lighting fixtures are prominent and constitute an integral element from the space of the room, and in contrast the lighting can also be present without the lighting fixtures to be felt at all.

What should I ask before I light the light?

In general, choosing the lighting for a home should be a number of different factors. Each room, of course, needs a unique lighting for it, and if there is also a garden, it is a completely different lighting design, but generally there are a few questions that should be asked before choosing the lighting fixtures:

  1. What would you like to light? Is it necessary for lighting for a large or small space?
  2. Will the lighting body merge in the design or will it have its own visibility and protruding?
  3. What kind of lighting you prefer no one has said that light must always be white or yellow, so why don’t you open your head and welcome more colors?
  4. What atmosphere do you want to create in a room? Is it a relaxed and family atmosphere, perhaps a romantic or a different atmosphere?
  5. Assuming you choose light fixtures not as part of a renovation, but as an addition to everything that already exists in the house – which furniture is in the room? What is their style and other accessories in the room?
  6. And there is no escape from one of the most important questions: what is the budget at your disposal?

Note that these questions should be asked about each room individually, since answers to these questions for the kitchen will be different from those in the bathroom and of course from the garden and so on.

An interesting thing that many tend not to notice is that lighting often means a shadow, and sometimes the choice of lighting means automatic choice and not always aware of shading. This is why the kitchens, for example, usually look more like the use of lighting fixtures that weaken the light in all directions than one light body at some angles can cause a person who cooks to put their own shade on the work surface facing them. On the other hand, shading can be an interesting element that can be exploited when selecting light fixtures, so that certain sides of a room can be deliberately emphasized and driven by other sides.

Emphasis on the lighting choice for the garden

Lighting is an atmosphere not only in the rooms of the house but also in the garden. It can be an inviting lighting that makes sitting in the garden a fun experience for the people of the household and guests, while being a deterrent to intruders and thieves, God forbid.

While in the home rooms it is customary for the lighting fixtures to illuminate the space and less emphasize elements in it, in the design of the garden, the situation is usually reversed: you can see more of the use of hidden and sunken light fixtures in order to illuminate access paths and transitions, while some plants get illuminated by strong lighting fixtures that will give Them a significant presence. Some of these light fixtures can be positioned on the ground, others can be hung on the branches of wood or shrubs, and can even assimilate lighting fixtures within plants themselves.

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