Common mistakes combined with electrical appliances in the kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a fairly complex, long and exhausting process that is sometimes easy to make mistakes; For vision, the Internet is full of stories about people who only at the end of the renovation have discovered that the fridge did not go into the niche, or the dishwasher door cannot be opened.

Such mistakes can be amusing when called them as spectators on the sidelines, but for those who have made the renovation are a little headache that requires an invitation of other professionals, a rejection of the completion time of the renovation, and of course at extra costs that may be able to increase the renovation in tens of percent.

In order for this not to happen to you, here are some common mistakes in the kitchen appliances combined.

Power point here, Power Point there

One of the most common mistakes is the lack of early planning of positioning the electrical points in relation to the approximate position of the appliances. For example, in many cases you can know in advance where four electrical appliances will stand, while only three power points are planned in the same place. In such a case, it is necessary to order an electrician, break ceramics, carve the wall, etc. – a variety of expenses that can be avoided with early planning.

First we smash, then we buy appliances.

The renovation process often makes us want to do things at the stage: “First finish the renovation, and when your head is clean – buy the appliances.” However, this approach is problematic and may cause the electrical appliances you want to display in the kitchen will simply not correspond to the niches intended for them: the refrigerator, the stove, the dishwasher – all these appliances should know in advance their equipment to plan the renovation, rather than vice versa.

Absorption problem

One of the electrical appliances that came into our lives in recent years is the steam receiver, and there are already many types of these kinds of receivers: facing the wall, removable, concealed and more. It is important to know that each of these types requires an appropriate infrastructure (for example, a pipe that leads to the steam outside), and therefore this part cannot be left to the end but should be planned in advance.

Don’t forget the little ones!

Kitchen remodeling is a great opportunity to add electrical outlets as needed, but many tend to focus on major electrical appliances such as an oven, dishwasher, fridge and electric hob – and forget the small appliances like a toaster oven, kettle, water bar, Mixer And so on. In the kitchen where such a small electrical appliance works overtime, it is a good idea to take it into the planning of power points – otherwise you’ll have to check it out and put it in the closet or drawer all the time, and a rope.

Left or right

When renovating the kitchen it is very important to take into account the direction in which each electrical device is opened. For example, when you open the refrigerator in order to remove a few products, it is advisable to have a surface on which it can be placed. If it is opened in the opposite direction, it means that it will be necessary to open it over and over: Also uncomfortable and loading work on the refrigerator’s compressor.

To summarize

The errors in combination of appliances in the kitchen presented above are a small part of a variety of possible mistakes, so it is not enough for those who are listed here to make sure that your renovation will also be completely out of error. The really important thing is to invest your most of your time in advance planning: the more you take into account the first stages of the renovation, the more likely you will encounter difficulties and anguish the soul at the end.

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