A wireless vacuum cleaner is loaded-what’s all the fuss about?

Again the children came back from kindergarten with half a sandbox in the shoes, and the dog turned the rug into one huge sweater with his hair? It’s time to pull out the vacuum cleaner. But wait, maybe we should regenerate with a more advanced model? You’ve probably already heard about the new planet of the Home maintenance world – a wireless vacuum is loaded. This is one of the fondle in the past two years, and rightly so: wireless vacuum cleaners are easy, cost-effective in place, and as powerful as their friends. So what suits you? Wireless loaded, wires, or even robotic? Before we run to choose the type, you should first understand two standard elements for each Vacuum Cleaners Wherever they are.

Suction intensity: As in cheese on pizza – as much as possible, better, but do not compromise on less than 380WSP, otherwise most dirt will just stay on the floor, and rope.

Pumping Technology: Vacuum cleaners offer two pumping technologies – cyclone and direct pumping. Both the dirt remains in the container, and the air is ejected out, but the pumping of cyclonic ensures that the air emitted out contains a significant amount of dirt particles, and thanks to the centrifugal force, the dirt snaps to the walls of the container and does not keep the filter of the vacuum.

So what are the options? Here’s a slight overview of the various types that will help you decide what’s best for you:

Vacuum cleaner

Hold the 3 categories in a rolling or standing structure. They are suitable for almost everything, and come with tailored accessories for a variety of uses – carpets, slots, sofas, curtains… Anything you want, really. Include a large volume waste collection container. Their downside is that they require you to be close to an electric outlet. If you choose a wire vacuum, make sure that the cable is as long as possible.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The pet of the 2000 years. Compact and work without you at home. Robotic vacuum cleaners know how to identify and avoid obstacles, including stairs, and many of them can be programmed in advance hours, cleaning tracks, and even receiving mobile alerts. The downside: perfect for cleaning floors and carpets, but don’t know how to pump beyond that, so forget about the sofas and rails. In addition, they are also quite noisy and their duration is longer.

Vacuum cleaner Loaded

The current champion in the field. Put an end to the cable that is scrambled and back pains. Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Great for those who don’t want to be enslaved to a socket and a cable, and want a kind of “powerful and portable electric broom” that comes everywhere. Wireless vacuum cleaners are also economical in terms of storage, since they take very little space. The loaded pains are usually sufficient for a working time between charging and charging, which is far beyond what it takes. Their cleaning capacity is very powerful, and they are equipped with all the accompanying accessories for cleaning corners, slots and all next to it. Downside? Their price is higher compared to the rules.

In the bottom line, it is worthwhile to consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner as a long-term purchase. A good and durable cleaner will serve you for many years. Therefore, despite the relatively high price, the loaded wireless is the ideal choice – easy, powerful, comfortable to operate and store, and between us – they are also really beautiful…

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