4 Tips for easy and simple apartment transfer

Congratulations! You finally reached the estate and you are about to enter your own home. Moving is a happy event, which is the Herald of independence, privacy and freedom to decide. From now on, you have a warm and private corner that is only intended for you and your family, where you can do as much as you your mind. But with all the joy and enthusiasm for the exciting event, it is important to remember that it is also an event that requires time, effort, money, and a few arrangements that may cause you to stress, debate or deliberations.
So how do you break the passage of the apartment safely without losing your temper? Get 4 tips to make the transition a lot simpler.

Start with the packages as soon as possible.
We all know that one of the less attractive parts of the apartment aisle is organizing our belongings, tools, and accessories in the crates. This is a rather exhausting task that takes quite a bit of time, and it is important to start with the work as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the 90 minute and start packing two days before moving – our recommendation is to start packing about two weeks before the time of the transition. This way you can spend about an hour to pack your equipment, and you can do so calmly and patiently.
Be sure to pack fragile objects and tools in the newspapers or padded boxes, write on each crate exactly what it contains and package in the same box of items that belong to the same subject (for example: Do not pack the same cardboard as kitchen utensils and clothing, but separate the items and make sure that each cardboard contains items that belong to the same subject) — so Create order and organize and mister yourself when unloading objects and making arrangements in the new home.
For those of you who are particularly busy and have no time to perform the packaging of the objects themselves, there is a possibility to hire the services of different companies that come to your home and worry about packing your belongings and unloading them in your new home, and easily and quickly.

Order a well -known and professional
trucking company
to ask a good friend to lend you his commercial vehicle in order to transport the contents of your apartment. Transporting heavy objects and furniture to the house involves a great deal of effort and requires the use of safety measures in the hands of professional leaders. Don’t be tempted to save thousands of individual shekels, keep your backs and avoid heavy lifting – for this there are professional professionals equipped with safety measures and dedicated tools. Unprofessional transportation can cause great damage to your property and to your health, and therefore it is important to hire the services of a professional and reliable trucking company that is experienced in transports, practiced in uploading objects and furniture (sometimes with a crane) and make sure that all the contents of your apartment reach its destination in time and peace

Preferred to purchase electrical appliances and furniture for a single supplier

In order to facilitate your transition and avoid dealing with a variety of vendors, choose to purchase electrical products for your apartment in one place, and also for the furniture – so that you will avoid wasting valuable time in search of Electrical Appliances And furniture in various stores, you can get a cheaper price for purchasing product packages and you won’t have to deal with a variety of vendors and different descriptions to supply the products and install them in the apartment – all products will be provided by the same store and arrive at your home on the same day and together.

Thoroughly clean the house only at the end of the pass.
Many people make mistakes when they order a cleaning company to thoroughly clean the house, when it is still empty of objects. This is a mistake because basic cleanliness takes a long time and requires an effort, and as soon as the furniture, objects and appliances arrive at the apartment, the House will be filled with dirt and dust, and you’ll have to clean it up again. In order to avoid this situation, our recommendation is to make a “light” cleaning of the house when it is empty, and only after the electrical products and furniture have been installed in the apartment, you must perform a thorough cleaning that leaves your apartment clean and tidy

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